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Komodo Nelson

Komodo Nelson


Yes! My name is Komodo, named after the infamous Komodo Dragon. I’m an internet marketer and I love that I was born in this generation where making money online from home is possible.

I mean, never in the history that we know of is it possible to earn money in your rob and nighties all while typing an article or making a video and sharing it strategically online.

Making money online is more than that though friend; I do not want to mislead anyone into thinking you can just walk on in and make millions or even thousands for that matter. It does take hard work, the part that gets would-be entrepreneurs is that the set up is a lot easier than the traditional stuff.

How did I start online?

I started by chatting and trying to get dates online haha. Then I joined a network marketing program, all this back in 2002. When I ran out of friends and family, I searched for other ways to promote my business.

Enter the Internet!

From there I ran into a number of guys, but two really stand out because they were young college kids back then like me. Kyle and Carson started an affiliate marketing university online, and they play by the rules.

They taught me the fundamentals, and not all the sizzling artificial stuff. Nevertheless, I’ve been earning money online based on their mentorship and education and I have added to my arsenal, hence the creation of this website.

This website shows that there are literally thousands of ways to make money online at home. If this is what you’re trying to do, hang around and learn. Soon, you’ll be making money online at home.

Again, I’m a member of a great online community known as Wealthy Affiliate. It will be wonderful to meet you and speak with you, which we can do if you leave a comment, hit my contact page, or say what’s up in the WA community (here is my profile page).

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