Become an Online Coach

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Become an Online Coach


It is a thriving and growing industry, the industry of coaching online. Many people have heard of it and I will say as a former person unaware, I and many people like I was do not clearly understand the importance of having a coach.


Why Coach Others


The question is asked why should you coach others? First off, you have to have something to offer in order to want to coach other people. Nevertheless, the reason why you should coach others is because coaching is very vital in all areas of life. The super performer, the super athlete, or the super executive in any industry will typically always have a coach who brings out the best of their abilities.


Become an Online Coach


If we take for example the great Michael Jordan. Michael had multiple coaches for different things that helped propel his career and his greatness. We know of his basketball coach, Phil Jackson, but Michael Jordan also had a strength coach, a stretch coach, a mental development coach, and many other coaches that helped him along the way.

He is the current owner of the Charlotte Hornets (NBA Basketball team and franchise) and Mr. Jordan just won business execute of the year, and I’m sure he has a business coach today who helped him along the way.


The reason you should coach others is because people do need and seek out coaches. You probably know something that someone could use your expertise and guidance on and it will help you financially and also personally to continue to grow in your area.


How to Coach Online?


How do you coach online? The simplest way to coach online is to first create your plan and your mode of operation. Figure out the field in which you want to coach and know clearly who your ideal client is all the way down to the socks they wear.


The rest is academic and technical as far as how you plan to meet with your clients, by phone, video phone, or in person it all does not matter. The online portion speaks mainly to the way you will find your clients. From there, you can work out the details of coaching logistics.


Benefits to You and Your Client


What are the benefits to you and your client? You benefit from continuing education in your craft. Many teachers/professors tell how they learn just as much from their students their students learn from them. Coaching will give you the same gratification you give to your clients as they grow and reach their goals and get over there obstacles.


Your clients benefit by becoming better accountable reliable and diligent, which are the strong benefits of having a coach. There is a third beneficiary, and that is the world when you help someone else increase their abilities, the world benefits from that and what they will bring to the world.


How to promote Your Services


The all important part of coaching online is how to promote your services? In the book Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, there is a section completely dedicated to how you can promote your personal services to the world. But for the sake of brevity, you simply need to learn different marketing strategies that will propel you in front those potential prospects who are seeking a coach knowingly or unknowingly.


Becoming an Online Coach


Some people set out and search for a competent coach. Others seek advice and stumbleupon coaching. As a coach, you want to be there for both sets of people.


You need to use the Internet, mainly using articles and blogs, giving free content that will help your potential prospect improve themselves; once they see that your free content helped them, there is a great chance they will decide to get additional services from you.


Don’t forget you will also be able to give away a free session possibly as your foot in the door marketing model, advertising this to your target market. This strategy would lead to consistent monthly coaching clients. The ways to promote our endless and you can learn much of this from different online communities or simply hire someone to do it all for you. There are many online communities such as wealthy affiliate who really help you understand how to promote, which will increase your promotional abilities.


So do not be afraid to become an online coach because the opportunities are there for you to help society, help the clientele who can benefit from your expertise and experience and knowledge. Coaching is something that is necessary. I personally have three coaches right now who help and guide me in the direction I need to go to obtain the success I’m looking to obtain and maintain.


I hope this encourages you to become an online coach. If becoming a coach is something you have been thinking about, please leave a comment or if you have a question you can leave a question here on the site, twitter, or meet me inside our online community.

Thanks for reading!


Komodo Nelson


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