Buying and Selling Websites Like Real Estate

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Buying and Selling Websites Like Real Estate

Buying and Selling Websites Like Real Estate

Real estate has been flooded with “flippers” who buy and sell property in a short period of time for fast profit. The process you’ve probably seen on TV, someone buys a property that needs work, the rehab it, and sell it for a new valued price for an often times handsome profit. This lifestyle as a house flipper looks nice, it really looked nice before the 2008 housing crash. Now days, people are more cautious. The pros at this do this over and over for a reasonably income, some even build their wealth by it.


Real Estate Flipping


I, myself, put my toe in the house flipping game for a moment, until I realized I didn’t like it. The life of a real estate house flipper looks good on TV, often portrayed by a married couple buying a house that is beat down, they spend six-to-nine months renovating it. They make the house look modern, hip, and nice; they sell for a profit of $30-$60K profit and they are on to the next. If this is done even a couple times a year, they have a nice six figure income generating.


That’s the glamor side! The reality is you either gotta work with contractors or the old-school Kobe Bryant (Do-It-Yourself-Kit). If you go old school Mamba, you gotta have the skills to do it and plenty of help from family and friends (profit cutter – because they cut into your profit). If you get professional contractors, you will need advil and a budget (advil if they aren’t good, because they will cause headaches).


Don’t forget about legal fees, financing fees, real estate agent costs, taxes, and all the guts that come with buying and selling real estate property. If you have good insight on bargains, this may be good for you, if not you can lose money quickly, especially without good research and planning. A good real estate home flipper has to watch the market well, track prices, and be able to monitor economic changes and conditions very well in order to be successful.

buying and selling websites

Buying and Selling in the Market


Needless to say, it is very well possible for anyone to do well if they pay attention to all the details necessary. The real estate industry has long been the constant and bread and butter for investment opportunities for people. Property investing, even buying and selling has gone in the buying and selling businesses. A sharp business entrepreneur can identify a business not doing its’ potential, purchase it, find the weakness, turn it around and then sell it for a nice margin of profit.


This obviously is harder than real estate home flipping, but doable and takes place often, you hear about it on the news often if you watch business news.

Buying and Selling Websites Like Real Estate


You can buy and sell businesses if you have the capital. Notice I said capital and not money, because capital has the connotation we are talking big bucks. People don’t sell businesses for 200 bucks! They usually are in the millions. If you have that and you ready for the grind and have the expertise, go for it. If not, this next model may be something you’re ready to seriously look into.


The internet is relatively new. The entire ecommerce industry is really just establishing itself. The sad thing is that many website owners, even those who run business via their website, often have poor websites. Their websites are poor for different reasons.


You could purchase a website from someone who didn’t know how to profit from the website, and you could do something as simple as put relevant adsense ads on the page to generate income. I often feel bad making a profit at some elses expense, but it is the way things go. Sometimes we just can’t see what someone else sees, even when they show us, and when we give up and sell, they can turn a $1,000 a month website into a $100,000 a month site, and all we can do is sit there and sigh.


buying and selling opportunities

This means there is a business opportunity here. If you educate yourself in something as simple as search engine optimization and search engine marketing, you can become a buying and selling “rockstar.” Nevertheless, just like in any other industry, you have to have knowledge, skill, research, and all the details together before you swim.


On the internet, good websites with good domains go for as low as a couple hundred dollars. Some of these websites, the owners have tapped out as far as what they have the ability to do with it. This is where you can come in and clean up. Even if you went and consulted with them with what they should do, they still may not have the resources or ability to implement it, and would simply want to sell it off to get it off their hands. Go ahead and oblige them, if you have a good plan to turn it around for good profit.


Advantages of Buying and Selling a Website


In the common online money making methods, you have to really come up with two major things; content and an audience. When buying and selling a website, you need neither. Here are some things you should look for:


Aged domains. When you buy a site that has a domain that has been out since the 90s or early 2000s, this is a good thing. Also, mature sites are really good. Mature is about 12 months or older. Why are these good? Google respects age. Everyone has a bit of an attitude towards the new “young pup” who believes they are the big deal. Young pups out there, respect ya elders like Google does with aged sites and domains. An aged site tell Google, I’ve been at this thing here for a while, I’m not a young’en trying to get my 15 minutes of fame.

Here are several ways and strategies to use when getting into the buying and selling of websites like a real estate investor.

Purchase sites that have targeted traffic going to it for a product or service you actively produce or sell. If you sell hair products, it may be a good idea to buy a website that gets traffic to it that talks about hair products (even if they are a competitor). This is a great way to institute a customer base quickly.


The next type of site you may want to invest in to flip or keep is a site that generates advertising income. With a site like this, you may only focus on strengthening the traffic to it or improve the types of advertisements on it.


buy sell websites

Buy a website with the clear intention to flip it immediately. This is risky like day trading, but less riskier than flipping real estate and corporations. You’ll need to understand analytics pretty good so you can identify sites that are underperforming. If you are good in SEO, you can make some small tweaks and resell the same site for thousands more.


You can purchase a forum or community type of website. These are good for advertising and having an audience of tightly targeted niche people at your fingertips. Owners of sites like this often never meant for it to grow out of control. Their website may have grown out of control and the bandwidth is now costing them too much. On top of that, they aren’t polished in website monetization and will be willing to sell their site at bargain prices.


You can also find sites that operate based on highly popular keyword niche. I once owned, the keyword search on this was 20K per month. I made the site, but didn’t want to keep up with it. The ads on it were not generating enough (plus I was an infant in the flipping game), so I sold the site for $250. For a financial investment of $30 (domain and hosting), that wasn’t the worst return in the world.

Acquisition Mergers

This is where you remove the competition by purchasing them and then negotiating a merger to combine both your enterprises. This could create dominance in your marketplace if this is done correctly.


The last thing is to purchase a website chiefly for the domain name. I remember hearing on the news years ago, some guy had purchased The purchase price for the domain alone was like 2M dollars. I later worked for this guys company, he had 100 employees, and he was doing 500M a year in revenues. Not bad, not a bad domain purchase at all, based on the idea and plan he had going into the acquisition.


There are plenty of options available when buying and selling websites. Just keep in mind to take time to know your objections clearly, research well, and pay attention to details, do this all before you buy.


In another article, we’ll go in on the nature of investing in your newly acquired, where to locate websites for sale, the how to of actually buying the website (the details you want to look for before going in), and how to have your website appraised. Buying and selling websites like real estate is a great way to get into online marketing without having to corral content and develop an audience.


Komodo Nelson



If you want more immediate insight on this, join me with a free account inside of Wealthy Affiliate where you can ask me and other experts in website flipping, how it is done!

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