Get Paid Write Articles

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Get Paid Write Articles

If you are in desperate need of making some money while you’re at home in between jobs or you’re in a meditative state of life (figuring out who you are), one really great way to make money online at home is to write article. It’s true, you can literally get paid to write articles.

It is so simple, I say, “get paid write articles!” You wanna get paid, write articles, like the mafia would say it, “write some damn articles, will ya.” There is a caveat. You have to be a pretty good writer to make the big bucks, but you can make a handsome living if you simple write articles.

Get Paid Write Articles

Let me give you a little bit of intel here… there are millions of websites out there. These web owners know two things… in order to get people to their site, they need good content. They need quality content and quantity to get readers to their sites. High profile websites like Huffington Post, may post about 100 articles a day in divers genres.

How does the guy with the brand new website who can barely get an article a week compete with that? It’s hard, but the quick antidote is to hire someone to write articles for a specific genre that will go on their website.

Enter You

You’re in a meditative stage of life, and you love meditating and telling other people about the benefits of meditation. Instead of being a poor broke meditator, you can now look up big websites or niche websites and ask to write for them. Yahoo may have a section of meditation or whatever you want to write about, but instead of going for the big-wigs, I’d write for the people just budding.

That’s right, be a ghost writer to begin with. This way you can write the article for someone to publish and you don’t have to be the expert… yet. The best way to do this is to go to a web service website like

Get Paid Write Articles


Sign up at their website for an account to become a writer. Hundreds, if not thousands of people come to this website looking for people to write their articles for them.

Just imagine you’re a cook. You want to be in the kitchen cooking, not writing about how to cook and doing your accounting and taxes. So what do you do? You hire someone to do your taxes and accounting, as well as someone to write about how to cook for you. Website owners today are no different than the cook.

You can earn upto $55 bucks per 1000 word article if you become an elite plus writer. If you’re average, your stock drops to about $10 per 1000 word article. Nevertheless, if you knock out three to four articles a day as an average writer, you will be able to make money online at home to the tune of $30 to $40 bucks a day.

It can only get better from there as you hone your skills as a writer. If you’re a writer, this is right up your alley.

I certainly hope this has been a helpful article and motivates you to get into writing as a way to make money online.



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