Google Helpouts Review

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Google Helpouts Review

Google Helpouts Review 

If you have the spirit of helping others then the newly released Google Helpouts platform may be that you are looking for. Since it has been released, Google Helpouts has not done as well as it was promoted or stated to do across the internet.

Nevertheless, the idea and practice is still very popular and pertinent to the success of someone who wants to be a coach consultant or counselor of sorts and reach a larger audience.


On the consumer side of things, having someone teach us or guide us through something right from the computer, can be the most beneficial give we receive. You can literally personal train right from your home, computer-to-computer following the instructions right along with your personal trainer.


You can learn a new language with a language coach who will walk you through everything you need to know, right through the computer. This is what the Internet provides, and what Google Helpouts provides more specifically.


Let’s get into the review


The program or service is called Helpouts by Google or Google Helpouts.

The website:

The owners of course is Google

Recommendation: Useful




My recommendation is that any person who has a service that they can offer through the Internet should certainly use Google helpouts as another medium of finding clients and relaying services to clients in or out of your geographical location.


What exactly is Google Helpouts?


Helpouts was a new venture by Google focusing to connect professionals and experts who want to share their expertise through the medium of Google Helpouts with people who are ready and willing to pay for a professional’s knowledge skill and expertise.


google helpouts online review


There are many different categories in which you can post a service on Helpouts or if you are the consumer, search for services on Google Helpouts.

Different categories include art and music, computers and electronics, cooking, education and careers, fashion and beauty, fitness and nutrition, healthcare, home and garden, and even things such as photography.

I could use a yoga help out right about now.

How it Works!


The way it works is that you (as the professional) will set up a profile and offer an initial service. Once you post what you offer, a Google Helpouts specialists (someone from Google), will meet with you and go over your offer from a technical and qualification standpoint, pretty much to make sure you are legit. This helps get rid of scammers and people focus on taking advantage of people and service platforms. Those people who are only after a quick dollar won’t find a long shelf life with Google Helpouts.


The Google helpouts specialist then would either approve or disapprove of the professional, however in the event of approval, they’ll make their service available to the consumer through a test drive type of experience. This is done so consumers know what to expect before purchasing services.


As a professional, and this is where it becomes one of the best ways to make money online at home, you can set up available times where you can help out your consumer. They would sign up for a time slot and pay a set or sliding scale fee for your service.


You (the professional) then would meet with your client via the Google helpouts interface and hopefully they have a good experience so that they can leave a good review, and return for further services from you or other helpouts professionals.


Google Helpouts Review


Google makes a fee per transaction (like 20% or so), which is taken out from the provider. Any provider trying to circumvent this will be suspended or terminated. And no one wants to be terminated by Google.


The interface for Google Helpouts is mainly Google Hangouts and Google wallet. Sessions take place over video chat, the same system as Google hangouts and customers pay through Google Wallet. Helpouts can be recorded for future reviewing by the consumer and the provider.


Potential Cons


All things have a dark side, even Helpouts. Online coaching of any sort has a few things to worry about. One is that the coach is only as good as the speed and connection of their Internet service. The unfortunate thing is that laptop cameras are different, some good, some better, some flat out terrible, so as a coach you want to make sure that you are set up correctly and clearly, professionally.


Let the client have the bad camera and the bad computer and the bad set up so they can blame themselves for bad connections and stuff that pertain to the technicalities.




The good news is that Helpouts is regulated by Google and depending on how you view Google, that can be good or bad, but overall we do know Google protects the consumer more so than the professional.


Google simply wants the consumer and professional to have a great experience. So scam and fake gurus can barely get in, and if they do, they won’t live long. This is good for the entire Google Helpouts community.


Google Helpouts connects the world because it is international although European regulations does not permit providers to charge money as of today (2-5-15), they can only do free Helpouts.

helpouts review 



I certainly recommend this for coaches consultants and counselors as another medium of finding customers and another way to administer their service. It is definitely a wonderful way to make money online at home or even for your current professional service driven business.

If you use this service before or currently do use Helpouts, please leave a comment below to share your experience with us and our daily readers, thanks.


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