Google Sniper George Brown Scam or No Review?

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Google Sniper George Brown Scam or No Review?George Brown’s Google Sniper product has been dragged through the mud, sand, and filths of the world if you’ve read any amount of reviews on this make money online from home product. In this review, we simply want to share if Google Sniper George Brown is a scam or no.


Now remember, there are legitimate scams out there. A legit scam is one that passes all the legal test, but fail the moral and integrity test. We still want to avoid those because they are just as bad and we are not (certainly not me) in the mode of just giving hard earning money away to slick-willies and Wendys out there.


So let’s look into Google Sniper. First off, the program has been updated twice. In the early google days, they were just Google Sniper, then they upgraded to 2.0, and now it is at 3.0.


They have had a lot of people speak bad about it and I’ll let you in on what they are saying in this review also.


What is the program and what do they offer?


Google Sniper has no affiliation with the company Google in any form beyond the name reference. Their product taps into Google’s Adsense program. They teach how to set up a website, place adsense advertisements on the website, and traffic to the website to get people to click the ads.

Sounds cool, but let’s dig a bit deeper.



The name of the product is Google Sniper 3.0


The website is


And it is owned by an Englishman by the name of George Brown

My overall ranking and recommendation

They are legit, but you aren’t going to get far with the training in my opinion, because they teach close to blackhat type of stuff, and if you’re new or trying to skip steps, this isn’t the way to go to make a quality income online. You’ll need the fundamentals, therefore I can only give them a 5 out of 10!


I know someone is going to give their testimonial and say, Google Sniper saved their life, but there is something about teaching how to make thousands on adsense that doesn’t sit well with me.



Let’s get positive shall we… People do earn money from this program. If it were not a real legit program, not only would Google have rang the bell on them, but Clickbank, their affiliate vendor, would have closed the doors on them too. A couple years ago, clickbank got real serious about clamping the doors hard on phoney products that promised the world and delivered a box of stale chocolates.


Google Sniper is one of the top rated and promoted programs in Clickbank. If it were a complete scam, Clickbank would have shut their doors a long time ago. In addition to that, it is very true one can make a living using Google’s Adsense program. Many people do.

Teaching this is good because it is a way (legit way) to earn income online!


Cons or take aways

The fact remains, Google Sniper presents Google’s Adsense program like you’ll be able to make thousands overnight, and that simply is not true. Adsense takes a while to build up in the true sense of it, unless you’re using some kind of software trick or gimmick. If you are, Google will proudly shut down your website because it does not help their user.


Google Sniper does not focus on teaching you to provide quality content. Quality useful content is the staple for anyone with a website to attract visitor and traffic to keep clicking on the ads on the website. Without this training as a focus, it seems to be a risky venture.

google sniper george brown scam carl jr.

Oh Really Mr. Burger Man!!!??


Another con to the program is the fact that George Brown’s sales presentation started with him showing how much money he’s made using his system. No big deal, but showing people money is an exploit of sales like a Carl Jr. burger showing a real sexy model eating a burger.

Am I focused on the burger or the model? I’ll tell you as a man, I’m focused on the…eh hem…

Showing money, cars, etc., takes people into dream mode and greed and haste is usually attached to that. For that to be Google Snipers sales model, it is a bit of a disappointment.


Who benefits most from this product/service

New folks to internet and affiliate marketing will learn something new. You’ll learn a very awesome way to make money online from home. They teach you how to discover profitable niches, profitable keywords, profitable products, and make a “sniper” style website to get traffic. It is affiliate marketing 101!


How good is there support

The support wasn’t good initially, but they have made changes to make it better. The higher up you are in course investment, the faster they respond.


Price compared to similar programs/products/services

They are priced reasonably starting at $47. They even throw in a $1 trial for 5 days, which is a joke… but for what they are offering, $47 dollars is reasonable. The only problem is that you’ll have upsells coming at you after you sign up.


They will upsell you to become an Elite Google Sniper at a price point of $187, a case study upgrade, and a membership program. This means, to get the full program, you’ll have to invest upward of $250 to get the full training, plus a monthly membership. Not bad.


My suggestion

I think for a newbie or seasoned veteran in affiliate or internet marketing, you’ll do a lot better learning all the basics, fundamentals, and high level elite training after the fundamentals. I also think you’d benefit better if you had all the tools you’d need to properly do affiliate marketing or internet marketing right, such as a website, hosting, and Google approved methods for promoting your blog.


You can get that from the one trusted spot I use consistently for all my internet marketing needs (tools, training, tactics), and that is with Wealthy Affiliates. I’m not saying I don’t recommend Google Sniper, I’d personally choose WA over, and I’ve done both.



With Google Sniper you’ll learn how to select a niche, pick affiliate products from clickbank to promote, find profitable keywords, and generate traffic to your website (same things you can find at Wealthy Affiliate or anywhere on the internet).


You have an initial investment of $47 which comes with 60 Day Guarantee, but you have to follow Google Sniper and George Brown’s techniques to a pin or you could get your website blacklisted by Google search engines.


Get Google Sniper Today!


Well here is your review of the Google Sniper George Brown Scam or no, and it is not a scam, it’s legit, but I think money can be better spent or invested in other programs.


If you do try Google Sniper, please revisit this page and leave a comment about your experience. Thanks and good luck.


Komodo Nelson


Want more? Email me or visit me in Wealthy Affiliates where I answer all questions about internet and affiliate marketing.


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