How Not to Get Lost in an Online Training Course

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How Not to Get Lost in an Online Training Course

If you’ve ever or recently purchased an online training program or course, it is quite possible for you to get lost in a couple days or weeks into the program. The reason is because the information may be new or taught in a style that is not your strongest learning method.

One of the bigger reasons though is that most training programs require you DO something. That’s right!! There are steps to take and do, and for most people, they really aren’t ready to do them for whatever reason.

Some steps take money, like go purchase a website and domain/hosting. If you do not have the money for that at the moment, you may sit back and not take the action, yet you will be ill prepared for the next step in the training course. Before long, you’re overwhelmed and ready to take a break from the course or program.

How do you avoid this? How do you not get lost in an online training course?

Usually, the best way to go is to go through the course really fast and thorough without taking any actions. So you simply go through all the modules or steps just to let it sink in your spirit.

Then you get ready to go through it again with the mindset of taking an action on each step an action is required. This makes for a better educating process, and a better informed person can take better actions and get better results. This is how I avoid getting lost in online training programs, because it is very easy to do.

How Not to Get Lost in an Online Training Course

Don’t be a damsel in distress

Go through it once. Your mind will get an idea of all the stuff you gotta do, then commit to doing the actions. The good news is that you can go through it the second time taking actions, and if you perform poorly, you can go through it again and get better at it.

I hope this helps. I actually initially wrote about this within our online community as a question posed to the group, a lot of people gave good feedback and input. You can check it out here (How Not to Get Lost in a Training Program).


Komodo Nelson

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  • Very good information. I’m just starting the bootcamp on my other website, not the one I listed. But you have great content.

  • Komodo, Awesome looking site! It grabbed my eye right away. I ran through the different pages and soaked up some of your content! Very informative and easy to read. It was nice to see you had a video Embeded too! I am visual and need that as a reader : )

  • Great advice. Things can get overwhelming and it does help to read over once, read again, start to take action, read again! The Action part is very important!

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