How to Make Money Online as a College Student

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How to Make Money Online as a College StudentWhen I was in college, unfortunately I wasn’t thinking about making money or extra money for that matter. I was an athlete and there is where my narrow focus lied. However, I have to image in hindsight that if I were an ordinary or just an academic student (meaning I wasn’t an athlete), and I needed extra money to cover some books and stuff, I would turn to look for additional ways to bring money into my fold.


This is what prompted me to write this article, how to make money online as a college student.


The funny thing is, many college students are wonderfully placed in the timeline of society and life to live during an age where the internet is readily available. The internet makes it easier for research, thus making it easier for school work, and creativity. It also makes it easier for earning money online.


How to Make Money Online as a College Student


The first thing a college student can do to making money online is to keep a keen ear to the street life. If you are a college student, street life refers to the hard mean streets of your campus. In the inner city, people come up with hustles every day just banking or cashing in on the needs and conveniences of other people.


So you (college student) can probably “come up” (take advantage of an opportunity) by creating a service on campus for students that takes care of a need. It could be a laundry service, playing it up to the idiots too lazy to do their own laundry, or the guys and gals who want to feel like they are “bigshots.” It could be a tutoring service, only thing is you gotta know your stuff. This is your time to get creative and utilize a skill you have and fix a leaking hole you see on campus.


How to Make Money Online as a College Student

Actual Broke College Kid 🙁

Another option is to virtually leave campus and find a leaking hole you see in the world that many people are trying to fix. You then create a service around this and send people to your website. You do not have to even create the service, you can find someone fixing the service and become affiliate with them and send the needful to them.


By the way, you’d need to set up a website and things like that and learn how to market, but you can get all of that fixed up in no time and at no cost from places like Wealthy Affiliate or Clickbank University.


These are just a couple of ideas, but hopefully it gets your juices flowing so you know you (college student) do not have to be broke while studying your major in life. You can make money online as a college student.


College students who aren’t broke anymore, lend some ideas in the comments section!




Komodo Nelson, I’m an entrepreneur and web publisher and I like to show people the best ways to make money online at home. If you want more ideas and tools, come check me out on my online community. Peace.


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  • As a college student making ends meet is at the very least a difficult task. Much less being a student athlete. Being a student athlete leaves nearly zero time for a side job, unless you use your imagination on how you can earn that extra cash like “doing laundry” for others. Good post with some original idea’s. Thanks for sharing these tip’s.

    • Hey Damon, definitely. When I was in college, I started a cleaning service… if I were in college today, I’d do SEO for a company from home or work my own affiliate deal…like WA. tHANKs for stopping by.

  • While in college there are many ways to join the world of earning an income. We try not to make the next generation of students become lazy. Yet the world and society is becoming less and less likely to place effort into physical labor. The new world of technology has make our new generation lazy.
    Creating a website using any program is not simple or easy and will not be conducive to this new generation. The Wealthy Affiliate program however is a program that can be used by the technology generation in which we are entering.

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