How to Research Keyword Like the Pros

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how to research keyword

Use that Google Muscle for your Keyword Research

One of the best ways to make money online at home is to be a very good researcher. Research, if you went to school, was one of the activities most students dreaded, I know I did. When I was in college I literally hate the word research. I wished the information could have just poof onto my lap?


We cannot get all things that we want, but fortunately with the help of the Internet, researching is not all that difficult. And one of the most beneficial industries to perform basic and even more detailed research in is in the keyword research arena.


Because most Search engines operate based on searches in which a user types into the search browser, data analysis are kept by all major search engines of those keywords.


If you can keep track or find, “hint hint” research, the best and most sought after keywords, especially if they are monetary keywords (keywords that generate income), you will benefit greatly on the conversion side of things.


So how to do keyword research is very important when it comes to online marketing. Today and even in the old days basic keyword research started with Google’s tool called keyword planner. There were other tools such as wordtracker, Yahoo search tool, which I believe is extinct, but overall you would start with one of these types of keyword tools.

How to Research Keyword for SEO


These tools will allow you to put in certain searches and get “feedback” results based on those searches. They also would allow you to expand on those searches to see other relevant searches that were similar to those. The most beneficial part of keyword research is your ability to see how many searches were done on a specific keyword by users in a given period of time.


If you were able to see that 1000 searches a month was performed by this keyword then you would know if it was worth pursuing or not from a marketing standpoint.


So the keyword research routine that I follow is one where I go to the search engine (most of the time Google’s) and use Google’s automatic keyword search reference. Everybody sees this where a user types in a keyword in the Google search browser and based on your subject, Google will give you a series of potential searches that you can begin with.


See example in picture…

how to research keyword

The searches relate to your keyword or to your search and you can collect additional ideas from there.


From there I go to a specific keyword research tool that is more advanced and put the keyword I found on Google into there to see exactly how the keywords performs. Then I elaborate on the search to find cross reference keywords and I look at how many searches per month the keyword averages, I get an approximate on how much traffic that would mean for me (on the first page).


Last, I get how many times does my keyword or keyword phrase appear on different websites. This is important to learn how much direct competition we have out there.


If all of these meet my criteria for a good keyword search then I proceed to doing a article or video or setting up a website based on these keyword research principles. This is how to research keyword like the pros and get the best of your marketing, be it article or advertising.


The keyword tool I use is called Jaaxy. It is very comprehensive, and awesomely user friendly. I was tempted to call it the best keyword tool in the world, but that would be majorly bias, so I just said it is the tool I use.


Pretty soon, I’ll do a full review of the Jaaxy, but for now, try it out by simply doing research below.

No matter what, some people are going to hate keyword research, do me a favor and in the comments section below, tell me what you love most or hate most about keyword research, and if this article helps give some clarity on how you really should approach it.


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  • Good information how to be a keyword research pro with Jaaxy. The thing I like about keyword research is that it really works and if you don’t perform it, you are writing just to write. The thing I hate most about keyword research is the time it takes, but with practice it will get easier. Thanks for the article.

    • I feel you Tracy, there is good and bad about keyword research. Jaaxy makes things a bit easier… thanks for stopping by Tracy.

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