How to Sale Hair Products

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how to sale hair products

How to sale hair products online or offline takes some steps. Hands-down the best way to sale hair products online or off-line is to have a website and have lots of knowledge about your product(s).

You would not believe it, but many people jump into industries just to make money. Yeah, I know pretty surprising… yet there is no problem with trying to make money, there is a problem when people want to sale a product they know little about.


If you are into hair care, and you want to sell hair products (hair products include shampoos conditioners or hair sprays and lotions etc.), it will benefit you to develop an audience first. What do you need an audience for? In this day and age, much of one’s success revolves around one’s ability to influence others and networking abilities, especially socially networking.


This would require you to do review videos of you either taking care of someone’s hair with certain products or doing your own hair with those products and sharing your results socially. With hair products it is much easier to show and sale then it is to only tell and sale.


How to Sale Hair Products Online or Off


The first thing that you still need to do is come up with the product or product-line you wish to promote. Sometimes you may have multiple products that you market, but to begin you should focus on one product line. One product line or product brand means you deal with one type shampoo conditioner or any other hair products your audiences will need and like, and also benefit from.


Targeting Your Consumer Base


What ethnic group of women/people do you want to sale your product to? It will be best to narrow this group down as targeted as you can possibly can get it. In the online world we called this a niche market. For instance, you could focus on selling hair care products to African-American women who wear natural hair. That is very targeted and when you speak to them, they will know you are speaking specifically for them thus making them listen to you longer and to sale hair products women


Will You Market Online or Offline Direct or Traditional?


Determine your method of selling before you get started. There are a few options with this. You can become strictly an affiliate to an online vendor who sales hair products. You would sign up to be affiliated with them, and your job would be to review their products through your website, basically send them traffic with customers to buy.

To your audience, you want to demonstrate through video how to best use their products and how it benefits the hair body and soul of your customers. For all products sold referred by you, you will receive commissions from the vendor.


This method requires very little overhead because their is no necessity for inventory. Nevertheless, it does lower your profitability in some respects if you become strictly an affiliate because most vendors will only offer up to 12 to 15% commissions on sales you refer.


Wholesale Provider


You also can become a wholesale provider. With this model you will have to establish yourself more as a business and you’ll probably have to get licensed so that you can sell products directly to consumer and to retailers. This method will probably cost you some upfront investment for stocking your shelves with products for customers who order from you.


The sales process will be the same, you would benefit from a blog or video style website that can demonstrate different products and the benefit it would have towards the target market for their hair care. Wholesaling can be challenging, mainly because it depends on your profit margin you get from the product provider and your ability to sell in person to different retailers.

This also will take a lot of traveling and perhaps in person meetings with different clientele to get your product on their retail shelves.

sale hair products online

As a wholesaler or retailer, you can also create an ecommerce website where you sell the product directly to consumers or to retailers. The challenge here is the wholesaler may also sell the product online as well, and that poses a problem if that is the case. Not to mention there may be other wholesalers or retailers online, now you must create a unique angle in which viewers would come to your website before targeting other retailers website.


This is where knowing how to SEO (optimize) your website for search engines will benefit you greatly, even more so than paid advertisements on Google or Facebook. Selling hair products online requires you to know search engine optimization very well or to hire someone who does. It also requires you to know your community and your target audience.


The off-line method requires you to know your local area so that you can build relationships with different vendors to present products to. The offline route is the way to go once you have developed an online audience who watch your videos and demonstrations or watch your website on a consistent basis.


Once anyone has a following or a viewing audience, it makes it very easy to go into retail stores and present a business opportunity between them and yourself.




hair products recapThe best way to sale products is to create a website, create and develop a Twitter account, a Facebook account, and Youtube channel, and begin doing video demonstrations of hair care and recommend the products for your target audience. And this is how to sale products online or off and make a good living for yourself.



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  • Good start. The hair niche is huge. I like your approach. By helping others, you are helping yourself.

  • Good article. I think online is much better than offline. Today every people are using social media on mobile from Internet. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google plus are the best option for online marketing so you can use social media.

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