How to Write Content Efficiently

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How to Write Content EfficientlyIf you are getting into the online game of making money, creating content is going to be something you have to do or hire someone to do. Either way, you’ll need to come up with a framework to create your content.

To do this, you’ll need to learn how to write content efficiently, and how to architect it so you can write easily and effectively.

Writing good content is much easier when you know how to¬†correctly approach writing, and how to architect or render content before writing it. You can become very frustrated writing if you simply plop down without a plan. Freestyle writing works only when you’re supercharged with emotion on a subject or topic.

However, when the feeling is not at a supercharged level, you can end up wasting time and creating content that is all over the place (possibly losing your reader).

The link below will lead you to a page within the WA community that will teach you visually on how to create and architect content.

Here is what you’ll learn:

How to write based on an initial keyword theme.

Many people do not like to do this, and again, this is good for supercharged freestyle writing, but not for general howto content.

Break down content into smaller concepts.

When you break down a 500 plus word article into an intro, 2-3 ideas, and a conclusion, you’ll have a more concise and readable article. Articles like these are engaging and helpful to readers.

Bring in a proper introduction.

After you’ve got their attention with the headline, the intro paragraph should tell them what they are about to learn or get out of the content. It is fine to add humor here, but most important and efficient for a writer is to let the reader know what to expect!

Research and write out your content.

Once the outline is there, it is time to write. Ideas are good, but it is also good to add research to support what you’re writing about.

Conclusion and call to action.

Finally conclude by recapping what you’ve said, and telling/suggesting to the reader what they should next. This is commonly known as a call to action.

This video by Kyle of the WA community should be very helpful for those who are more visual. If you have any questions, email me or leave a comment.



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