Is Clickbank University a Legit Program?

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is clickbank university a scam

Time to do a good ole healthy review on one of the most prestigious programs out there. If you’re looking for one of the best ways to make money online at home, the name ClickBank should have come up at some point for you.

Recently, Clickbank allowed two very successful internet marketers to create a course or training program on how to have success online with clickbank. We want to review their program.


First, the official name of the product is Clickbank University. I use to always spell Clickbank like ClickBank… don’t ask me why!


is clickbank university a good program

The guys who own or created the course or product is actually not Clickbank, but three dudes named Matt Hulett (Clickbank CEO), Adam Horwitz, and Justin Atlan.


The base price is $47 per month, with an upsell for $297/year and $97/month for more training.

So what is Clickbank University?

In general, Clickbank University is a internet marketing training course with a community atmosphere attached to it that teaches how to create your very own information products, which you can sell online using Clickbank or other mediums.


Is Clickbank University a legit program or scam? Well they are certainly legit. If you know Adam Horwitz, he was invited to the White House for having a young entrepreneurial spirit and growing business. So he and his pals are honorable and aboveboard when it comes to putting up quality products and to do so with integrity.

The training is pretty high quality and they have an active community, which is important for support. These days you can learn internet marketing for free during article research and watching enough youtube or vimeo videos, so their price appears high, but I believe it is reasonable.

My personal feedback from the course is that it would benefit someone who is attempting to create their own product and sell using Clickbank more so than anyone else. If you’re trying to become a good affiliate marketer, or learn SEO, obviously this may not be the course you take first.

What you should know before you purchase!

I told you on another page on this website that the sales psychology out there is intense these days. People have learned to literally sell ten bags of candy corn to a person who just left the dental office for a root canal and the pulling out of three bad teeth.

I mean they can sell these days, so it is vital you keep your guards up. In Clickbank University’s sales presentation video they are clear about what you will get for your investment, what to expect, and what the course outline is.

They do take you into dream land a bit with the financial independence talk and the freedom lifestyle of working from home. While this is possible, it take a lot of work and grind to make happen.

Inside Clickbank University

The focus of their training is around product creation. This is a bit different since it is probably the most difficult thing to do when it comes to making money online. Most people will teach the easy stuff.

In this age, everyone is gravitating to creating their own products because that is where the most money lays in the long term. Clickbank University walks you through every detail of it. I personally didn’t watch every video at length, as I was looking to get the gist, but they were giving quality content.

They went into the thought process for creating a product, how to drive quality and quantity traffic to your website, and they were general on affiliate marketing for Clickbank.

is clickbank a scam

They weren’t just video stuffing, they had a lot of stuff to read if you’re the reading type, when you join you’re going to want to read my blog post on how not to get lost in an online training course.

Clickbank University is good for the starter/newbie, the person that’s intermediate, the expert who has struggled with great results (haha), and the really skilled may find it a bit elementary, but I think everyone can pick up something really good.

Socially, they have a Facebook page that is pretty active. When product owners are active in Facebook or whatever, it is a good sign.

Website Builder

This is so important and I’m glad they have it. Many internet marketing teachers or gurus teach their training, but never offer the tools or they have affiliate links or sites that offer the tools. This doesn’t make sense. I mean, if you’re going to teach people how to get healthy, you might as well offer a supplement or meal plan with your program and not just a DVD (people can eat DVDs or books physically).

It makes sense to have tools.

Clickbank University has this, and this is great. The website builder integrates with Clickbank making the process very convenient. The cost of this can get heavy, but it is still practical and useful for its’ purpose.

Cons of Clickbank University

They do the locked module thing. This is where they force you to marinate on the trainings instead of allowing you to move forward. Let’s say I do two videos out of seven, they will lock the rest so I don’t skip or move too fast. GOOD for the newbie, not for anyone else, especially fast learners.

Again, they focus intently on product creation, business model, squeeze pages, sales pages, and email list building. These are all very important ingredients to a successful campaign online. They didn’t go into paid traffic because new people usually can’t afford it and can’t afford to get bit by a bad buy.

They have a vast upsell system that begins with the $47/month base training, $297/year for the website builder, and then a master class for $97. This means you’d pay a total of $441 bucks once they are through with selling you, and you’d have a monthly payment of just $47 to deal with and a yearly at $297. Not shabby… I mean I’d handle that.


The support is reportedly not the fastest, but it is improving and heck what do you expect from a guy who went to the White House?

Clickbank University has a weekly Q&A class for members, which is spot on the best thing any program can do for its’ members.


I dig the program. If I weren’t having success online, I’d check them out and deal with their training because the creators are actually really good and know their stuff. They aren’t out for a quick dollar. If you’re looking to create and promote your own digital product using the confident network of clickbank, then Clickbank University may be very ideal for you.

If you have a passion and are an expert in something, Clickbank University’s training is one of the best ways to make money online at home. It gets my recommendation under the premises I’ve discussed in this review.

Sign Up to Start with Clickbank University Here

I don’t have a problem with upsells as long as they are done right. Sometimes I just want a burger, sometimes I want fries with it, sometimes I’d take a drink, and when really hungry I wouldn’t mind being supersized. It is easier to get me to supersize if we just start with the .99 cent burger.

Upsells in internet marketing are good unless they are done in a slimy way, then it is a turn off. Clickbank University does not do theirs slimy.

Is Clickbank University a Legit Program?

In the world on making money online, unless you are very outsy bold and in front of the camera type of person, creating your own product is probably not of strong interest to you. Sure we all want to own a product to say we did it, to refer people to, but the best part of making money online is in being able to make money and not have to do a whole lot of weight lifting to do it.

The best way to do this is to be an affiliate and learn how to market needed and wanted products online. When you think about it, you don’t have to deal with creating quality products, and all the stuff that comes with it.

I always counsel people to start as an affiliate, then work your way up to owning your own product. This will make it much easier to have success when you go the product creating route.

Does that make sense?

Once again, I do recommend Clickbank University, but I’d go with Wealthy Affiliate before Clickbank University because WA teaches the affiliate portion as well as product creation. Check out the comparisons…

You probably will be able to do more at Wealthy Affiliate.

The Decision is Yours

The decision is yours obviously, and you don’t have to make that decision now or on this page. My intentions were to inform you first and foremost. Secondly, if you choose Clickbank University, you know more about it and you know if it is for you because of the details from this review (product creation focal point).

Quick Recap:

  • They offer a 7 day free trial… try it out just remind yourself to cancel if you aren’t feeling it
  • They have a nice community with cool, friendly people with live chat support
  • Adam and Justin are both really cool and knowledgeable about internet marketing
  • $47/month membership investment
  • Website builder for $297/year

Not bad at all!!

In WA, you get all of that above for just $47/month, but also you get personal support and coaching/counsel from me (a full time internet marketer). If you choose to join Wealthy Affiliate, I’ll even assist you in setting up your first website.

I go with WA because that is where I learn all I know online and how I built my first online business. I rank them #1 because the founders care and have a lot of integrity (hard to find these days).

Either way, remember to leave a comment, and share your success with Clickbank University when you join them and create your first product.

Join Clickbank University Today!


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  • Great article about Clickbank University, I tried it when I first got back into online marketing but found it to be a little too general and not what I was looking for as a business model. I also found that it wouldn’t let me move ahead if I felt like doing so. I dropped out of that and tried Ipas2 went for three days and ran away from it and the Empower Network they where selling. I didn’t really get going until Wealthy Affiliate. They have been key to helping me start my online business and I actually made money after thirty days on one of my sites. Thanks for the great review.

    • Hey David, you’ve been around the world… so I know you know what you’re talking about my man. WA is def very solid. Thanks for the comment.

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