Jaaxy Information Keyword Research Tool Review

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Jaaxy Information keyword research tool review

Jaaxy Information Keyword Research Tool Review


If you are a marketer working online for a business, product, or service it will behoove you to learn one of the best aspects and skillsets to having any success online. That is keyword research. It used to be the drudge-work and it still today, keyword research has no glitz and glam except for when you use a machine that can help you do this efficiently and without all the headaches.


Keyword research is usually the reason why most people just write articles blogs and create their website without the need or use of any sort of keyword research input. They simply want to go on the cuff and live on whatever naturally comes up in the search engines of their articles or videos. Doing that is a casinos game, that means it is the luck of the draw for you to come up in the search engines under that search method.


Well here is some Jaaxy information, which is a research tool for keywords and I believe you’re going to really like it. That is of course if you are really looking to get keyword research tools down to a science.


What the program is and offers


So what does Jaaxy provide you if you take on using Jaaxy’s keyword research platform? Ultimately you get a software tool that is based online (you don’t have to download it to your computer) that will allow you to do extensive keyword research in high-speed and in real time.


You have the ability to see the amount of traffic your searches receives, how much traffic that would mean for your website, as well the competition from other competing SEO-ers that give light on if this is a keyword worth the chasing.


The official name of the program or product is Jaaxy.

The website is www.Jaaxy.com

It is owned by cofounder of WA, Kyle!

My overall recommendation for this tool is that it is really only for serious search engine optimizers and for anyone in the real estate of domains and websites business. If you’re in either, this is a certainly a tool you’re probably going to want to have for sure.


Here are most of the positives behind the Jaaxy keyword tool:


Very fast searches. Because this is not a downloaded software you work it through the interface of the Internet. This is very important at least to me and I’m sure just like slow website slow speeds, slow keyword results will be very annoying.


You also receive instant quoted search results which is good because this allows you to see the number of competing websites ranked in Google for your exact keyword. This is gold for any keyword research tool, be sure it is included in any keyword tool you choose to use; but it is definitely included with Jaaxy.


Jaaxy Information Keyword Research Tool Review


Domain availability. Domain availability is another positive that you will enjoy with the Jaaxy keyword tool. Sometimes you may find a keyword receives great traffic. With the info, you may want to pick up the domain. Traditionally, you’d have to manually go to a domain seller and check to see if the keyword is available for purchase.


When you have the Jaaxy, specifically the enterprise version, you will be able to see which of the major domains are available right on the spot. This is literally amazing.


Jaaxy Information Keyword Research Tool Review


In addition, there are SEO analysis that comes with Jaaxy, you also get site analysis, search history (keeps track of all your searches), website analyzers, and you also have access to a host of other really positive features simply by using this tool.


Drawbacks. The major drawback is that while it is fast, since it is connected to the internet, much of it depends on the speed of your own internet provider. If your internet is slow, Jaaxy will be slow and your experience may be different than mine.


Another thing is that Jaaxy comes in three options, free, pro, and enterprise. I personally think the free version is a complete waste of time. I believe it is their way of showing you the potential of the pro version or the enterprise.


Who benefits most from this product/service?


This product will be most beneficial for affiliate marketers, web researchers, Internet marketers, business owners, keyword SEO managers, and website and domain flippers.


How good is there support?


I personally haven’t needed the support however the same people who operate the wealthy affiliate program operate this program and their support is always reliable and on time. Training on how to best use Jaaxy is provided, and not just the tool, so it is well worth your investment.

Price compared to similar programs/products/services


Most paid keyword tools can run you around $100 a month or one time payments of like $200. Of course Jaaxy is very competitive, starting out for free (which I don’t recommend it is too much of a tease – as mentioned above), then there’s the pro version which is just $19 per month. Those are for the kids, the real researchers use the one that I use, which is the enterprise and that one is $49 per month.


My suggestions – My final suggestion is that if you are not someone who dedicatedly looks of keywords every single day for your Internet marketing projects or business, then perhaps you should not use this tool or at the very least just use the pro version for $19 a month. Even then, the pro version is still a very great investment for you.


If you are looking to do SEO for a local company in the local area or if you are trying to do affiliate marketing for yourself, article based marketing, YouTube video marketing or any sort of marketing you certainly will benefit greatly by investing in the enterprise and using this tool.


The good news is that you are free to try it for 30 free searches, and if you enjoy it (as I did then) you can upgrade to the pro or enterprise to use it for your business and endeavors. But it is certainly a tool I recommend for marketers, domain and website flippers, and anybody else that does comprehensive keyword research.


Try Jaaxy Today


Do a search below and see exactly how did two works out for you. Happy keyword researching, and I hope you enjoyed the Jaaxy information keyword research to review.



Komodo Nelson


After you’ve done good keyword research, hopefully using this tool based on my Jaaxy information research review, you’re going to need to learn how to write content efficiently!


Learn how to write content efficiently here!



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  • nice review I’m going to try jaaxy after reading this I’ve just been going off the cuff with my article writing but have realised it needs to be more focused. By the way I like the word the ‘behoove’.

    • Hey Andy…haha behoove is one of my favorites… yeah give jaaxy a kick… like when I’m going to write an article and I know my subject, I use it to get a more specific traffic getting keyword on my subject. Thanks Andy


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