Using Landing Pages Effectively

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Using Landing Pages Effectively

Example Landing Page

Using Landing Pages Effectively


Landing pages have their vital role in the internet marketing space and as you get into internet marketing, you’ll learn a lot, mainly that you should definitely use them to your advantage.

Landing pages can be used in many different simple ways to bring more effectiveness to your website or promotions. Landing page use is an awesome method to funnel traffic to a destination where you would like readers to focus on a particular offer or particular piece of content.


Within the short article, you’ll learn what a landing page is. Many people do not know clearly. You’ll also learn how to make one. It is not as difficult as it may appear. You’ll also learn the different uses of landing pages, and how to make the landing pages that convert in to sales and leads.


First, what is a landing page? A landing page is a page people land on for a specific reason and purpose. Let’s say your order of business is to sales shoes. The front of the website could be real general and if I were a guy or gal, I’d waste a lot of time fiddling through a general website, especially if I’m a guy looking for gym shoes. The same for a lady looking for high heels, she’s not trying to looking at size 13 nike zooms.


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Using Landing Pages Effectively

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This is where you can create a landing page specifically made for women looking for red high heel shoes. These women will benefit more when you send them to a page on the website that offers red high heel shoes, more than a general page with lots of different shoes for different types of people. Does this make sense?


How Do You Make An Effective Landing Page


In this day and age, it is very simple to do with the aid of divers software. There are companies out there that specifically do this (see resources below). The main thing you want your landing page to cover is a bold headline that speaks directly to the targeted end user.


The subheading should express what they came to the website for, and finally the rest of the landing page should be an actionable thing for the visitor to complete. Actionable item could be to sign up for the newsletter, or in the shoes instance, purchase the red high heels at a deep discount. The landing page shouldn’t have a bunch of options for the end user, it should be real direct.


Different Uses for Landing Pages


If you’re seasoned in learning about internet marketing, you would think the only type of landing page is one referred to as a squeeze page. The squeeze page literally squeezes your prospects info out of them by demanding a trade of name email or more in exchange for some sort of free gift. Works well in creating leads, but there are more types of landing pages. The point of a landing page is to convert better than a general web page.


You can have landing pages for purchases, leads, sign up for presentation, the list goes on. The thing is to be specific to the user. You must be relevant to what they are landing on that page for or it will be time or money not well spent.


Below we have a link to a video webcast that breaks down how using landing pages effectively can lead to higher conversions and sales. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn how to build a website and learn more about landing pages.



If you look around the internet, most people are using leadpages (aff link →). Leadpages give you the ability to create multiple different types of landing pages for any use you need them. Give it a look, I personally use them and recommend their service for landing page creators. Using landing pages effectively will help you create specific pages for specific purposes that can help conversions, which leads to more sales and leads.



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