Warren Buffett’s Cadillac Goes to Auction

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Warren Buffett's Cadillac Goes to AuctionMost people say once you drive the car off the lot, it begins to depreciate so fast the road runner has to do a double take. Well, if you are the world’s best investor, cars do not depreciate with you, no, no, they appreciate. This is what happened to world renown investor Warren Buffett. His old Cadillac, which was probably valued at $12,000 just sold for a whopping $122,500.


Warren Buffett’s Cadillac Goes to Auction


The billionaire investor philanthropist had a charity in mind, so he put up his old cadillac up for auction. The person who eventually purchased this car is not doing it to pick up chicks, or to rev up the engine to his pals. Instead, he gets to get a car that he can tell people he got from a billionaire investor, and he knows the money is going to a good charity organization.  Win, win, win.


Buffett’s car had a bit over 20K miles on it and was in good condition. The Omaha native even autographed the dashboard and said he’d hand the keys to the winner if they are willing to travel to Omaha to pick it up. I bet Bill Gates shows up… haha.


Unless you follow Warren Buffett, you may have not known about the bidding that took place from February 11th through 19th. The charity of choice is Girls Inc., who Buffett has supported or endorsed because of their role in the community.


You may remember Mr. Buffett auctioned his 2001 Lincoln Town Car to support Girls Inc. Lincoln Town Cars don’t cost 70K after 5 years, but the top investor’s did as he auctioned it off for $70,000 in 2006.

Warren Buffett's Cadillac Goes to Auction


Buffett is so cold, he auctioned a 20 year old wallet (that had a stock tip in it), and raised over $200,000. We know this is not magical investment skills, instead it is celebrity and people wanting to be associated with the world’s best investor.


You want to buy a car and sell it in 5 years for more than you bought it for, become a billionaire investor and start auctioning them off as you wish.


If you could, would you bid on Warren Buffett’s Cadillac and what would you do with it!


Komodo Nelson



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  • So what you are saying is that when I become a Billionaire using the WA program. I can buy a few cars, add my signature, then sell the to donate the money to charity. I am looking forward to the days when the program I designed becomes a success.
    This is definitely something that anyone using WA can do.

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